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Additional features

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There are many features that can be used to enhance your website if used wisely. This page demonstrates a few of them but obviously they would only be used selectively if the content of the site called for them.


Google maps are fully interactive (click on the marker) and can often be quite a useful inclusion in a web site. Visitors can get directions to your place of business or event with a hard copy if required. They can be any size up to full page.

You can include your own video to promote your services or add a ready made (copyright free) video from YouTube.

Google maps

Video player

Light boxes

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Light boxes can be used to show single full size pictures from a thumbnail or several can be included in a group to enable a slide show if required.

Click on any of them.

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More features

There are many more features that, used wisely and sparingly, combined with a suitable style,

can enhance your web site and give it

that polished professional feel.